"The Girl with the Long Last Name"

Where it All Began

Fast Facts!

Horoscope: Saggitarius

Myers Briggs Personality: INFP

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw​

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Mythical Creature: Mermaids

     Isabela Eve Karwatowicz is a born and raised Chicagoan. She first recieved the acting bug when she was three years old and  would go to watch her mom's rehearsals for a community theatre production in Bye Bye Birdie.  When she was five years old, Bela auditioned for her first musical, Annie. She was offered the role of Molly, however she turned it down because she "only wanted to be Annie."  Since then, Bela has redeemed herself by working on good showmanship skills and appreciating every opportunity to improve her craft. 

     One year after the Annie scandal, she made her theatrical debut in the ensemble of a community theatre production of Hello, Dolly! .  The director of the production referred Bela to take class at Edge of the Wood Theatre School, where he taught and directed along with Janet Rourke and Jeanann Powers.  Bela studied and performed under their care until she was 18. 

     Today, Bela continues to work on her craft, having recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at Millikin University for Musical Theatre with a minor in Dance in the spring of 2019.  She is excited for what the future may hold as she continues to pursue her performance career!







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